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Blind spots represent dangerous zones for drivers, pedestrians, and others. Technological advancements intend to improve safety, and the arrival of blind-spot monitors could help the cause. Drivers may have difficulty seeing vehicles, motorcyclists, or bicyclists out of sight on the side or rear. Blind-spot monitors provide alerts intended to warn drivers about their presence.

Making a lane change when a vehicle is in a blind spot could cause an accident. When a sensor provides an audible, visual, and tactile alert about the vehicle’s presence. A driver could avoid a collision upon realizing it is unsafe to change lanes. A tech sensor installed in the vehicle may provide such alerts.

Blind-spot monitor sensors lend assistance to drivers hoping to travel safely. Drivers shouldn’t rely on blind-spot monitors exclusively, though. Looking over the shoulders, at the rear-view and side mirrors, and taking other safety precautions seems wise.

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