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It doesn’t take a cold, snowy morning to stop an aging battery in its tracks; hot days can be just as harmful to battery stamina. Before your battery fails and leaves you stranded, have it tested to determine if its days are numbered. Your technician can test your battery as part of an engine inspection or you can do the testing yourself.

In order to measure the voltage and current your battery produces, you’ll need a device called a multimeter, which can be found in home improvement or auto parts stores. Make sure everything in your vehicle is turned off, such as interior lights or the radio, and take the key out of the ignition.

Place the red probe from the multimeter on the red battery terminal. Place the black probe on the battery’s black terminal. Your multimeter will now display your battery’s power output. Readings below 12.4 volts mean it’s time to come to our service center here at Boch Maserati in Norwood, for a new battery.

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