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When smoke starts coming out of the engine, it may be too late. This is often because of overheating in the engine. This can ruin your camping or fishing expedition in Norwood, MA. Engine overheating is a common problem that can occur to your vehicle. When this happens, immediate action is required to prevent further damage to the engine block or your entire vehicle.

Some of the common reasons behind your engine overheating include:

Because of Leakages in the Cooling System

Leaks can cause the coolant reservoir tank to be drained. This can be detected by spots on the ground. Ensure you check under your car every day for signs of leakages. This may appear as green, blue or orange drops on the ground, depending on the type of coolant used.

If the Coolant Level Is Too Low or Completely Absent

Driving with low levels of coolant in the cooling system might lead to engine overheat and complete breakdown of your engine.

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