MA State Inspection

Complete your Massachusetts State Inspection here in Norwood for convenience.

MA State Inspection Change

As of 10/1/17

As you get ready for your annual Massachusetts State Inspection, please remember that your Ferrari must meet the following criteria:

  • Front License Plate: must be securely mounted on your vehicle. This license plate must be visible without any obstruction whatsoever.

    • The only exceptions are vehicles with the green-lettered passenger plate and those labeled with Dealer, Repair, Owner-Contractor, or Farm.
    • If you do not currently have a front license plate on your vehicle, please bring the plate with you for the inspection. Should you prefer not to drill a front plate bracket into your bumper, we have several other options available.
  • Window Tinting: For vehicles with aftermarket tinting, the driver’s and passenger’s side windows must log at least a 35% on a tint meter. Rear windows may have a tint of up to 35%, but are then required to be equipped with two outside rearview mirrors. Windshields can only be tinted to the AS-1 line, which is typically within the top 6 inches.

Please call Joe Wieners at 781-619-6956 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Stop In And Get Going

If you recently purchased a new Maserati or used car from Boch Maserati, the car may be up for state inspection to test its emissions and safety. The state of Massachusetts requires a routine inspection every year for these reasons, and Boch Maserati is one of about 1,800 licensed inspection stations in the Commonwealth. When you see that the inspection sticker expires, do not wait for a reminder, schedule an appointment with our on-site service department here in Norwood, MA for quick and simple inspection service. Boch Maserati and our service center are located at 441 Providence Highway in Norwood, MA, less than 40 minutes outside of Boston, use our dealership directions for the best route.

All of our vehicles must meet state regulations to ensure they continue to function properly with no safety issues and continued low carbon emissions. We here at Boch Maserati are quite confident that your car will pass, and you can get right back to your daily drive to Providence, RI. If there is an issue that would cause your vehicle not to pass Massachusetts State Inspection, we will inform you so that our service technicians can rectify the problem as they can to get you back on the road. Once your vehicle passes its State Inspection, you will be given a new sticker and sent back on your way to Quincy. Be sure to keep in mind a few of the different reasons your Maserati may not pass inspection, such as:

  • “Check Engine” light on
  • Malfunctioning vehicle parts which regulate fuel/air, including oxygen sensors and turbochargers
  • Poor-fitting/damaged/missing gas cap
  • Specific part/component under safety recall
  • Engine misfire
  • Malfunctioning/damaged exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves

Get Your Maserati Inspected In Norwood Today!

Keep in mind the health of your Maserati and schedule a Massachusetts State Inspection here at Boch Maserati today. Our dealership is located just 20 minutes away from Newton and you can read up on our most frequently asked questions if you have any inquiries about our service department. See you soon!

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