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An exhaust system is a necessary component of any vehicle, working to reduce harmful emissions. However, a leaking exhaust system can compound this issue. But how do you know if your exhaust is leaking and is in need of attention? The exhaust system experts at Boch Maserati in Norwood, MA are happy to help you diagnose this issue when you visit us today.

One of the most common signs of a leaking exhaust is an increase in noise coming from the engine. This includes sporadic popping or hissing noises when the engine is running. You may also notice the unmistakable smell of fuel inside the vehicle if your exhaust system is having issues.

Because a poorly functioning exhaust system can affect engine performance, some drivers notice a loss of acceleration and power if it is leaking. A faulty exhaust can also reduce fuel economy as it disrupts the normal air-to-fuel ratio balance.

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