Boch Maserati Tire Center in Norwood, MA

Put a Boch Tire Maintenance and Protection Plan
between you and the unexpected. 

To maintain Maserati's superior handling, the four points connecting your finely tuned Maserati to the road need to stay in acceptable condition.  With help from Boch Maserati's Tire Center, keep your Maserati rolling smoothly. Buy new Maserati tires and shop 15 of the top tire brands with our TireFinder tool. Filter your search by width, diameter, ratio, speed rating, or brand and find the perfect tires to maintain your Maserati's supreme handling.

Call (888) 364-7178 to get quality tires for your Maserati.

You know that our collection of exotic and luxury vehicles at Boch Maserati is second to none in the area. But, did you know that our service from our tire center falls in the same category? With a high-performing vehicle you can't just use any set of tires. You want the four points on your Maserati to make sure that the thrills you have on the open road behind the wheel of one of our vehicles stays smooth, and keeps your vehicle integrity high. Our team knows which tires work best with all our Maserati models, as well as with other leading luxury brands. We carry all major tire makers, and tires of all types, from sport tires that make your vehicle a track hero, all season, and winter tires; which as we all know are a must in New England. Going without the right set of tires leads to less of a grip on the road in various conditions, and simply put, isn't safe. When you make sure to change over your tires, no matter what you drive, you can add a level of confidence every time you get behind the wheel.

At Boch Maserati, our team is here to guide you through the process, presenting you with all the options, and helping you find the right treads for your particular vehicle, so you can go the distance, and enjoy smooth driving, performance driving, and much more every time you're behind the wheel. We have our TireFinder tool, which allows you to search for the right tires by width, diameter, ratio, speed rating, brand, and much more to cater to your Maserati's needs.

Come See us at Boch Maserati for Tire Questions in the Norwood and Boston Areas

If you have any questions about tires and which type are best for your Maserati or luxury car, our specialists in our tire center are here to help you. Contact us or stop in and see us here in our showroom in Norwood on Route 1, The Automile, and our team would be happy to discuss the different tires available to you, and outfit your ride with a quality set today.

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