Most drivers experience a flat tire at some point, and at times, it’s completely unavoidable. If you run over a nail or hit a curb that causes a loss in air pressure, you may easily be able to fix your tire with a small patch or even change to your spare. However, there are other cases where a failing tire is dangerous.

For example, bulging or blistering tires have bubbles that cause the tires to become misaligned. You’ll notice excessive vibration as you drive, particularly at higher speeds. Tires that cause vibration will also cause your differentials to become warped if you drive on them for too long.

In other cases, Norwood drivers should worry about cracked in the sidewall, ripped tires, damage to the valve stem, or balding tread. You can check your tires or bring your car to Boch Maserati for a complete tire inspection and replacement with alignment and rotation services.


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