Are you planning on changing your oil soon, or do you want to know more about the process when you have it changed at a service center in Norwood, MA? Many of our customers here at Boch Maserati ask what motor oil viscosity ratings mean. Read on to find out.

10W40 and 5W30 are a few common motor oil viscosity ratings. Let's look at 10W40. The "W' represents the motor oil's viscosity during the winter. Motor oils with low viscosity ratings are suggested for use during the winter. This type of oil is lighter than a motor oil with a higher viscosity. The light oil flows through the engine quickly so that there's less stress on the engine when you're starting it in cold weather.

High-viscosity motor oils are beneficial for use during the summer. This is because it's thick and helps keep the components of the engine protected from excessive wear.

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