Owning a Ghibli is the ultimate statement. This sedan takes daily luxury to another level.

Worried about power? Don't be. Find 345 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque in the V6 powertrain, which is more than enough to command every road you drive on. Signature curves enhance the exterior, while flowing lines gracefully lead the eye over every contour, leading to a dynamic drive every time you take the Ghibli out for a spin. Find the legendary Maserati Trident upfront on the restyled grille, which establishes your bold personality.

Find a redesigned instrument cluster in the front of the cabin, sitting gracefully in the frameless 10.1-inch HD screen. This makes it easy to see everything you need. It's hard not to admire how the Ghibli changes the game. Italian craftsmanship really is something special. Find yours today.

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