With spring in the air, there's much pollen to be anticipated. Soon your vehicle will be laced with perfumed traces of nature abloom. One way to mitigate allergy season is by waxing your vehicle once washed thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure entire exterior has been hit with cleaning agent, even tires and rims. Once rinsed fully with water, towel dry the exterior completely.

Then, apply a conservative amount of wax compound in circular strokes, one small section at a time, even windscreen, mirrors and windows. This will minimize the sunlight from baking wax onto the vehicle. Once applied, immediately take a clean towel or buff and gently remove wax. Always use a different part of the towel for each section of waxed space, so you might need a few clean ones on hand. Once done, you'll notice rainwater beading and minimal pollen caking.

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