Proper Alignment Saves Tires And Suspension

It's important to have your vehicle properly aligned to increase the life of your tires and suspension. 

Is your vehicle turning without you moving the steering wheel? It's probably time to visit places like Boch Maserati for a proper alignment job.

Two-Wheel Drive Alignments

Two-wheel drive vehicles are very simple to align. Although you could technically adjust the alignment by loosening and adjusting the tie rods, you will drive much straighter by taking your vehicle to an automotive shop for a proper alignment using a laser-precise machine.

Four-Wheel Drive Alignments

Vehicles that have four-wheel drive are a little bit more complicated when it comes to proper alignment. For example, some suspension systems require the addition of a camber bolt to adjust the rear-end.

It may be more expensive to have your off-road or AWD vehicle aligned compared to a simple two-wheel-drive setup.


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