One of the most important skills drivers should know is how to change a flat tire. While calling roadside assistance is an option if you're stuck with a flat tire in Norwood, what happens if service isn't readily available? Let our team at Boch Maserati help you find out how to change a flat tire.

Keep your vehicle stocked with a lug wrench, jack, and spare tire. These items are essential when it comes to changing a flat. You'll want to find a safe location, such as a parking lot, and try to avoid changing a flat on hills because there's a chance rollback can happen. Be sure to activate your parking brake and turn on your hazard lights.

Take the hub cap off and loosen the lug nuts. When you have the jack placed under the vehicle, raise it to a safe position and remove the lug nuts and flat tire. When you're putting on the spare, use the lug bolts to align the tire properly. Use your hand to put on the lug nuts and tighten them when you've lowered the vehicle.


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