Buying a vehicle is a big enough thing considering all the makes and models on the market today, but when you consider used versus new, it gets enough more difficult. We at Boch Maserati want to help you make a decision and also ensure you’re an informed driver confident in your choice. Here are some reasons buying a used car might be the better choice.
• Lower cost – Used vehicles cost a lot less than one ones.
• Lower insurance – Insurance premiums are lower on used vehicles.
• Cheaper repairs – It typically costs less to repair a used vehicle than a newer one.
• CPOs – Many used vehicles are sold as Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, which are late models with warranties.
• Financing – Many dealers offer great financing terms on CPOs and used vehicles.

Whether you’re ready to buy or are just thinking ahead, it’s nice to have all the facts. You may also want to start shopping and looking at used cars at our Norwood dealership. You’ll be amazed at all the great used vehicles available today.


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