A fuel pump is one of those essential car parts we don't always acknowledge. Drivers never wonder how fuel gets from the tank to the engine. The fuel pump performs that task. If one day, you notice a loss of power driving up a hill or experience engine sputtering on the highway, there could be an issue with the fuel pump. And other signs might indicate fuel pump woes.

Poor gas mileage becomes almost unavoidable when a fuel pump doesn't work. Unfortunately, many issues can cause decreased fuel economy, so drivers might not immediately think the issue derives from the fuel pump. Poor gas mileage combined with other problems, such as surging, points to the fuel pump.

If the fuel pump "goes," the engine won't start. How could it? There's no fuel pumping into it. Thankfully, fixing the fuel pump might be necessary to get the car on Norwood, MA roads again.

At Boch Maserati, our service department technicians can look for fuel pump issues and other problems. Contact the office to schedule maintenance.

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