When you’re looking for a high-end sports or luxury car like you’ll find at Maserati of New England, you’ll likely be looking at new models first. However, buying a brand new model isn’t always the best decision. Buying a used exotic or luxury car can help you save thousands without sacrificing the quality you’d get from a new model. Visit Maserati of New England near Boston and Providence to find your exciting used car today!

Why Used is a Great Choice

When someone buys a brand new car, that car immediately loses several thousand dollars in value before they make it to the end of the block. This is especially true with the exotic vehicles and supercars we sell at our Norwood dealership. And if you’re looking for one of these premium rides and you actually want to get the most out of it, a used model is the way to go. Since the major depreciation has already been absorbed by the initial buyer, you’re getting a high-quality vehicle at a much lower cost. It comes with the same performance, features, and head-turning image of a new model, but you’ll have the added confidence of knowing that you’ve made a more sound investment as well.

Certified Maserati Models

Right now you might be thinking that a new model offers a warranty which a pre-owned car doesn’t. While that is generally true, with a Certified Maserati you can have the best of both worlds. These vehicles are covered by Maserati for two years without any mileage limitations. This means you can drive your Certified Maserati model to your heart’s content, and most major unexpected repairs will be covered under warranty.

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