Winter often comes with more driving hazard concerns than, say, spring or fall. Taking additional steps to prepare a car for the winter could deliver some peace of mind and improved safety.

Spending extra money to put snow tires on a vehicle may deliver a preferred level of traction. Other winter care steps may prove worthwhile, as well. A battery inspection and checking coolant levels might be advisable, for example.

Sometimes, even "simple" car care steps take on additional requirements when prepping for winter. An oil change, for example, might benefit from using oil better suited for colder weather. Wiper blade changes may benefit from an upgrade from standard blades to more durable winter ones. Even a routine car wash could involve cleaning the undercarriage if exposed to corrosive road salt.

Boch Maserati wants to help drivers interested in getting ready for winter. Our Norwood location could assist with repairs, maintenance, and inspection requests.


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