Does your vehicle have the same battery it did three years ago? If so, consider today's Boch Maserati post mandatory reading. Its advice may prevent a dead battery from impeding your next busy day in Norwood, MA.

Importantly, your battery may still have life. A battery's charge can be sufficient, but corrosion can block its terminals from sending enough energy. Its terminals can be cleaned. Also, the system that recharges your battery may not be properly supporting it. A worn alternator may be the culprit.

When your battery requires replacement, you have technology options. Conventional batteries use lead-acid cells, which is the oldest rechargeable format. For 10 times the lifespan of a lead-acid battery, you can select a lithium battery. Lithium retains a charge extremely well, too. Finally, your decision should rely on the amount of time you plan to own your car. Choose lead-acid if you'll sell the car soon. Select lithium if you're holding on to it.

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