Spring has arrived in Norwood! With the warmer weather comes the need for spring automotive service. Your vehicle might require seasonal attention to keep it running at its optimal condition. After all, what worked well for your luxury car in the winter might not cover what your vehicle needs in the spring or summer. That’s why the Boch Maserati team proudly offers auto service in Norwood.

What type of services will your car need for spring? It depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the places that you typically drive, the age of your car, your daily driving habits, and the weather conditions of your city. Check with your vehicle’s owner manual or a trusted Maserati technician to find out what’s in store for your vehicle.

Typically, your auto service technician will check the performance of your vehicle, from how it starts up to the way that it idles. Did you put winter tires on your car? While helpful for navigating ice-covered roads in the winter, you need to swap out your tires for the warmer weather to avoid damage to your vehicle and the roads that you travel. Additionally, your vehicle might need to have some filters changed out, like the oil filter and air filter. Your car’s belts, hoses, headlights, clamps, connections, and windshield wipers should also get inspected for the way they fit on your vehicle and for any wear and tear. It’s especially helpful to have your fluids changed out or topped off and also have your air conditioner checked out during your spring car service.

Keep in mind that your car’s parts do not last forever, and if you want to keep your vehicle driving at its optimal condition, then you’ll need to carve some time out of your schedule for the necessary car maintenance items. Are you eager to schedule spring service for your luxury vehicle? If so, then contact Boch Maserati today!

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