MA State Inspection

MA State Inspection Change
As of 10/1/17 

Massachusetts is rolling out a new inspection system on October 1, 2017. From this point forward, there will be 3 real-time cameras in our Service Department monitoring the process. These cameras will enable Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles officials to supervise and communicate with our licensed State inspectors conducting the inspections. These officials have the authority to intervene in the inspection if any of the State requirements are not met. Two important inspection items are:

  • Front License Plate: A front license plate must be securely mounted on your vehicle. This license plate must be visible without any obstruction whatsoever.

  • The only exceptions are vehicles with the green-lettered passenger plate and those labeled with Dealer, Repair, Owner-Contractor, or Farm.

  • Window Tinting: For vehicles with aftermarket tinting, the driver's and passenger's side windows must log at least a 35% on a tint meter. Rear windows may have a tint of up to 35%, but are then required to be equipped with two outside rearview mirrors. Windshields can only be tinted to the AS-1 line, which is typically within the top 6 inches. 

If you do not currently have a front license plate on your vehicle, please bring it to the inspection. Should you prefer not to drill a front plate bracket onto your bumper, we have several other options available.

Please call 781-619-6949 with any questions or concerns.

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